Services Overview


Environmental and Waste Management plans

Environmental Impacts assessments, Integrated Water use license and Waste management plans.  Sustainability reviews and SHE corporate reporting format design & ESRS reporting. Performance of ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 Gap analysis towards certification.

Project Management and Process Risk Assessment is repeated and second one to be replaced with “Water and Metallurgical Plant design” below. Please see bolded items to improve focus...


Water and Energy efficiency reviews

Our team and partners uses best practice guidelines to determine appropriate technology that can enable a facility to be water and energy efficient


Water plant treatment and maintenance

Our team determines the best preventative maintenance method and can use it to a facility costs in the long run. We specialise in treatment of Industrial mine water, heavy metal contaminated wastewaters and municipal wastewater plants. We specialise in Lime precipitation including the High Density Sludge and Sequence Batch reactor processes.


Process optimization assessment

Our experienced team implements best practice guidelines to improve on process performance. This assists our clients to improve process efficiency and consequent reduction in costs, energy and water utilisation.


Project Management and Process Risk Assessment

We utilize interactive project management tools to ensure that our projects deliver in time and within budget and assist to convert our client’s business strategy to achievable results through our standardised process.


Project Management and Process Risk Assessment

We conduct water treatment pilot studies and methodical design treatment design and manage the project throughout all its all its life stages. Our company produces energy efficient Reverse osmosis plants that use biocidal membranes which ensures low maintenance costs and enhanced performance. Our Electro-deionization Cell technology removes not only residual salts but ionizable aqueous species, such as carbon dioxide, silica, ammonia and boron.

Our biological systems are based on the proven biological metal removal process followed by cold lime softening, re-carbonation, filtration and disinfection to produce potable water qualities and Constructed wetlands can yield near-neutral water from AMD under conditions regulated by engineering team.