Project Overview


Our business concept is to utilise local youth and using our tested training methods can be taught to operate treatment plants effectively and hence lower overheads. Our knowledge of the market assists us to obtain low rates for operational equipment and hence consistently provide a comprehensive range of high quality, cost effective and sustainable, water treatment & Environmental Management products and services to our valued customers, in order to satisfy their specific water service delivery needs. Below is our completed project list and our engineering team can be contacted for more details.

Project Description

  • Testing of suitability of a Reverse Osmosis Plant to treat mine specific acid mine drainage   
  • Completed Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Management Performance Report
  • Implementation of tethered bed reactor and high rate thickener
  • Wetland rehabilitation
  • Testing of suitability technology between Ion exchange and sequence batch reactor to treat Toe seep water
  • Reverse Osmosis plant design and operation
  • Water and Energy efficiency assessments
  • Plant Process efficiency assessment and Optimisation
  • OHSAS18001 and ISO14001 Gap analysis towards certification
  • Green and Blue Drop Assessments and improvement programs